Anyone can Fight!
But who will be the Best?

Easy to pick up, Hard to master.

Historically in fighting games, the road from ‘button masher’ to ‘competent’ has been long, difficult, and exhausting. With Bloodloss, we’re making that path easier, more clear, and most importantly, more fun! While also guiding players along the way. To top it off, we’re doing so without changing any of the destinations. Which is great news for everyone! Whether you’re new to fighting games all together, a seasoned vet, or somewhere in between!

– Gamified Learning Experience
– Intuitive Systems
– Low Skill Floor
– Beginner and Intermediate Resources
– Fun from the start!
– No Sacrifices
– High Skill Ceiling
– Advanced and Expert Resources

Controlling Chaos

Hyper speed that you can see.

Bloodloss deliver the dynamic, fast-paced appeal of Hyper Fighters, while making it easier to follow along and keep up, both for players and spectators alike.

Complete Experience

More than a 1v1 fighter.

Featuring a complete fantasy world, full-fledged story, extra game modes, and more. While Bloodloss is still a 1v1, PvP fighting game at its heart, it is also much more than that!

High-quality Fighting Game

Better ingredients, Better game, Bloodloss.

You may have noticed that all of the previous points were about improving upon what’s already out there in the fighting game realm. With Bloodloss, we’re not trying to reinvent the genre. Instead, we’re trying to go above and beyond what people have come to expect from fighting games. We’re here to shatter all expectations, and help set a new standard for what fighting games should be!

However, that’s easier said than done. While the designs are already in place to achieve these goals, development isn’t cheap. And that’s why we need your help! Currently, we are crowdfunding the development of Bloodloss. That means that you, personally, can support us and help bring Bloodloss to life!

We are determined to deliver a high-quality experience regardless of how much funding we receive, but more funding means more characters, more features, more game modes, more fun, more everything! And to show our appreciation, we are offering rewards for everyone’s support, both for individual contributions and for community milestones!

Head over to our Crowdfunding page to find out more and become a Founder today!